ilona.tech is a software engineering bootcamp for women. We aim to empower women, companies and society by providing software development education to women in mobile and web development and natural language processing. Our courses are intensive, immersive, live taught courses 100% online, remotely, done in pairs with instructors. We launched in Oxford, UK and San Francisco, CA. We retain our most excellent graduates as freelancers and do web application and mobile application development for companies.


We have two kinds of roles: Instructors and Freelancers. As an Instructor you work synchronously delivering lectures, overseeing teams who are pair programming, and are creating curricula and code base for our student. As a Freelancer you may work largely asynchronously, leading our graduates in small teams delivering real-life contract web and mobile application development work. All work is 100% remote, contract hourly work.


We don’t really care where your knowledge and skills come from. What matters most is that you be excellent at what you do and supremely reliable. With all remote work attendance and delivery is more important than any former qualifications. That said our founder is Harvard, Stanford, Tsing Hua, Bei Da, and Oxford educated. Self-taught candidates are welcome to apply with appropriate portfolio to show experience.


Initially all roles will start part time, minimum 10 hours per week with more hours available as required. Instructors have fixed hours during teaching time, with flexibility on when they work on curriculum writing. Freelancers work flexible hours with one mandatory daily synchronous meeting a day.

Salary depends on experience location.

Unlimited unpaid holidays with pervious arrangements.


Women who join ilona.tech are passionate about empowering women in tech. Women includes non-binary identities for us. You want to be part of a movement where remote, part-time work is the de-facto norm because it is better for the person, better for the company and better for our society.

The right candidates will be amazing women who are decisive and enthusiastic self-starters, with excellent professional attitude and impressive technical prowess.

Our mission is to bring 1 million women into software engineering. Be part of this mission, apply now.


  1. Apply by submitting an application below (~10 minutes)
  2. First phone interview (~30 minutes)
  3. Take home problem (~1 hour)

If you do well in the above we will offer you a paid trial period (~2 weeks) so we can both see if this is the right fit.

Thank you for applying and we look forward to working with you!


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