Teaching Women To Code, Startups and Corporates to Hire

    We are a 501(c)3 educational non-profit helping to close the skills-shortage in technology by providing a zero-to-employable learning path to gender minorities in web and mobile application development.


A proven and progressive path from zero coding skill to employable

  • TEASER COURSE: How To Build Your First Mobile App In 7 Days

    Not sure if a career in tech is for you? Never tried your hand at writing any code? After taking this one-week masterclass you will have overcome all your limitations and have your first mobile app prototype in your portfolio. No coding experience required. Beginner friendly and can be done during a holiday or between jobs or projects. Prerequisite for our Gateway course.

  • GATEWAY COURSE: From Zero To Coding Confidence in 3 Months

    Are you a (false) beginner? Would you like to apply to a coding bootcamp? Not sure what learning path to take with your self-directed learning? Wasting time with online tutorials? In this 3-month gateway course you will not only learn but develop a real skill of programming built on web fundamentals and graduate with a portfolio of websites. You will also be able to read code fluently and ready to take on a bootcamp application. Prerequisite for our Bootcamp.

  • HOLY GRAIL: Become the High Income Earner Your Parents Always Wanted You To "MARRY"*

    No, seriously. Earn 5-6 figures, or the top of the range in your locality with a full-stack web and mobile engineering skillset and portfolio. You too can become a full-stack web and mobile application developer in just 6 months full-time or 12 months part-time. We are the only software development bootcamp that provides female specific modules in our training materials, where you can learn 100% live both remotely and onsite and where you can earn money while you build your portfolio.


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    Language basics from syntax to structure and current developments.

  • Prototyping

    UI/UX basics for paper, wireframe and high definition prototyping of web and mobile applications.

  • Data Types and Structures

    From basic built-in datatypes to choosing and implementing your own data structures.

  • Design Patterns

    Best practices in Object Oriented Programming.

  • Algorithm Design.

    Resources and techniques for algorithmic problem solving.

  • Web Application

    Web architecture and a project to develop a full web application from database and web server to the front end.

  • Mobile Application

    Using the back-end you wrote for your web application you will use a JavaScript framework to make a mobile app.

  • Career Management For Women

    How to manage gender bias before, during, and after contract and promotion negotiations.

  • Male Psychology

    The important things you wish your Mom and Grandma had told you. Prevent sexual harassment and get that promotion. Every time.


How To Go From 0 to 150k Users in 9 Months

Attend our flagship "Mobile Launch Pad (MLP) - How to go from 0 to 150k users in 9 months or less" a full day, hands-on, online workshop run by Oxford Entrepreneurs and ilona.tech, which addresses both of these challenges.

  • Do you want to launch a great mobile app?
  • Is acquiring users a challenge for you?
  • Would you like to know the fastest way to your first customers?
  • Are you struggling to recruit and pay for the best technical talent available?
Apply and learn how to scale your mobile app up to the first 150K users through Rapid Iterative Prototyping (RIP).
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  • Ilona Budapesti

    Ilona Budapesti


    Harvard, Stanford and Oxford trained Linguist and Software Engineer. Software developer and lead across internationally distributed teams at RBS, Rakuten, Motorola and PayPal. Technical consultant to Silicon Valley startups. Previously Technical Mentor at Hack Reactor Remote.


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